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Retouching Requests


When your shoot is complete you will receive your photo gallery from the shoot by email.  Your next step is to complete the retouching order form.  RETOUCHING ORDERS WILL ONLY BE COMPLETED BY FILLING OUT THIS FORM.  If you are signed with an agency, your agency will likely make selections and share their selections with you.  If you are not with an agency then you will need to make your image selections and enter the image numbers in the form below.  Each shoot package includes a certain number of retouched images in the session fee.   


Theatrical Headshot Session:   4 retouched images included

Adult Lifestyle Session:   10 retouched images included

Kids Lifestyle Session:   10 retouched images included

Baby & Toddler Mini Session: 3 retouched images included


Additional retouched images can be ordered for $35 each.  Payment for additional images must be made when placing the retouching order.  At the bottom of the Retouching order form you will see an attachment Icon for Venmo and CashApp payment confirmation.  Please make your Venmo or CashApp payment and take a screen shot of the payment confirmation.  Attach the screen shot to the form below when ordering additional retouched images.  Additional retouched image orders will not be filled until payment confirmation is made.  


Please enter the image numbers in the appropriate field separated by a comma.  Example: 10, 20, 30, 100, 205, etc. 


(The image numbers included in the session fee do not apply to special rates and shoots we offer like the "mini session special", "theatrical headshot special", or "lifestyle shoot special" and the number of images included will be posted with the special flyer sent out .)


If you are with The Bell Agency they will likely have a request for a small number of  images selected for social media to be retouched in advance of the due date for the balance of retouched images.  There is a place in the form below to indicate which  image numbers have been selected for  social media.  


Turnaround for retouching is 3 weeks from the shoot date.


Thank you!


(Retouched images are web sized only.  Print orders can be placed through the Pixieset gallery.  Only prints from retouched images can be ordered.  Retouched images will be sent in a downloadable gallery and your agency will be copied on the gallery.)

Retouching Request Form

Please fill out the retouching request form below to order your retouched images.

Thank you!
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